Our Vision

To see nature paying back well-being and fortune for whoever investing in agroforestry and natural environment.

Our Mission

By practicing agroforestry practice, finding cost-effective clean energy solution, offering environmental education and create beneficiaries network we generate a community with a passion for the forests and natural environment.

Our Concept

Through our four-way interventions, ambakofi will conserve and restore back the lost forests in the entire degraded areas all over the country to recreate environmental health (ecology), social and economic balance for the benefits to people and other living creatures.

Our Value

We engage in a positive forests restoration and sustainable conservation.

We are passionate about the opportunity we have to make a meaningful impact on people and the planet.

We are responsible and accountable.

We welcome stakeholders involvements in all of our activities.

Trees Nurseries is a backbone of the newly established forests. It could be the source of trees seedlings, that will reshape our deforested and degraded land back into green nature.

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