Do you want to acquire and provide new skills? Meet new people? Experience rural life? Put your talents and passion to good use? Then you might want to think about becoming ambakofi volunteer.
You will be able to build up a relationship with highly interesting people who are eager to conquer deforestation and other types of environmental threats. People who want to restore back greener ecosystem and make a change in their locale.

Volunteering can be done in different ways:

Help by talking about ambakofi: Spread the news about the existence of ambakofi. You can attract new volunteers and/or potential donors.
Volunteering from home: For example, you could help out with design, newsletters, translations, proposal write ups etc.
Your welcome to join us in Bagamoyo, Tanzania: We always can use motivated, dedicated and technically gifted volunteers who can help out on office work and many other interesting activities in the field. You will meet with our team members and beneficiaries who have amazing stories to tell and experiences to share. In order to make a stay worthwhile, we prefer a minimum period of three months only.
Therefore, we have to be selective in a voluntary position. Every volunteer will have to go through an application process through the following basic requirements to be a volunteer.

  1. Above 22 years of age
  2. Good verbal and written communication skills 〈Swahili and/or English language is prefered〉
  3. Positive attitude
  4. High level of motivation
  5. High level of ownership, taking initiatives and self management.