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ambakofi is registered Company Limited by Guarantee (Not for profit making Company) under Section 15 of Tanzania Company Act No. 12 of 2002. The registration number is No: 136719319.

The work of ambakofi depends on donations from trusted and justified people, organization and foundations. We are, therefore, very grateful for requesting your donation. Thank you. If you would like to contribute to the work of ambakofi, please send a donation with your name and address or e-mail address:

If you’re interested to support our work, please donate to ambakofi Bank account.

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Account Name: Ambakofi Company Limited

Account Number: 0150374252800.

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Phone number +255 787 630 2204.

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Donate to support afforestation projects in Tanzania.

Would you like to support our works? Our projects are continuously implemented. Afforestation, providing environmental education in primary schools and in the community and reducing the uses of charcoal and fuelwood in the cooking process by finding and providing cost-effective clean energy need money, time, vision and focus. 

We are looking to step forward and add more villages in our afforestation projects, but also strengthening the existing projects in Mkange and Mihuga villages in Bagamoyo District. In Pangani District, we feel it’s unfair to leave our mission uncomplete. We need to move on and cause positive impacts to our environment and people  

In Mkange and Mihuga villages ambakofi want to build two water reservoir in both project site. Each water reservoir will hold the size of 4900 square meters. The water reservoir will solve the problem of water scarcity during the dry period by providing services to our planted wood and fruits trees, banana, vegetables and other food crops. So harvesting rainwater from the coming March to June will save the life to a lot of trees and other food crops during the long dry period between July and February. Currently, the short rain season in November and December in most of the Coastal areas of Tanzania is unpredictable.


Marine life extremely needs the existence of the mangroves forests. No mangroves to huge fish catch, severe ocean floods, coastal erosion and no food production to most of the marine livings creatures. So the destruction of the marine ecosystem. To solve this problem ambakofi unite with the coastal villagers to replant back the lost mangroves forests. However, to have a high survival rate of the planted mangroves seedlings we aim to start mangroves nursery in five villages located in the South of Pangani District. Our plan is to raise 5000 mangroves seedlings in each village. This means 25,000 seedlings will be produced and get planted after the rainy season in July. 


Are you interested to support afforestation projects? If yes, please donate to the provided account on this page. Your donation will be highly appreciated and be used according to your passion, whether in the water reservoir of mangroves nurseries. Together we can.












Refund Policy.

If any duplication happens at the time of bank transfer due to any technical issues and excess money is credited to our account, we will immediately refund back the excess amount to the donor on request.