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ambakofi is registered Company Limited by Guarantee (Not for profit making Company) under Section 15 of Tanzania Company Act No. 12 of 2002. The registration number is No: 136719319.

The work of ambakofi depends on donations from trusted and justified people. We are, therefore, very grateful for requesting your donation. Thank you. If you would like to contribute to the work of ambakofi, please send a donation with your name and address or e-mail address:

If you’re interested to support our work, please donate to ambakofi Bank account.

Bank Name: CRDB Bank

Account Name: Ambakofi Company Limited

Account Number: 0150374252800.

You can donate through Sim banking 〈airtel money〉.

Phone number +255 787 630 2204.

Thank you for your esteemed support.


Refund Policy.

If any duplication happens at the time of bank transfer due to any technical issues and excess money is credited to our account, we will immediately refund back the excess amount to the donor on request.