ambakofi team

Kido-Jane Zainab Mohamed – Administration Officer

My name is Zainabu Mohamed, but famously known as Kido-Jane. I played a great role during the registration of ambakofi. Moving here and there to make sure the Organization clarity is obtained. I’ am part of ambakofi from the first day as Administration Officer.

Before joining ambakofi I work as a volunteer at Bagamoyo Institute of Art and Culture and Kibera General Supply in the Department of Procurement. In May 2018 I was registered by the Procurement and Supplies Professionals Technician Board (PSPTB) as a Full Technician Professional in Procurement and Supplies. I hold Diploma in Procurement and Logistic Management from Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) – Mwanza, and Certificate in
Procurement and Logistics Management from the same Institute (TIA). I am here to give my knowledge, skills and strength supporting the afforestation efforts and improving Tanzania’s environment back into green shape. I believe ambakofi is ideal Organization whereby people can interact, share idea and exchange information in a formal way regardless of their education, credential, position and experience they hold since all of us are connected to solve our common problem and its effects; deforestation.


Robert Peter Gervas – Field Officer.

After finishing my studies, sitting idle and wasting time at home was not my thought. Always something was firing my belly. To volunteer for social and environmental activities. When my former teacher connected me with ambakofi I didn’t hesitate to follow my dream. To me, this is a great opportunity. Today I’ am happy to volunteer at ambakofi and be part of the team dreaming to be the catalyst of change and cause huge impacts in the environment and the society at large.

Working in the villages and interact with the community in initiating afforestation projects is one of my life’s unforgettable lesson. While spending some hours being in the office learning working ethics, leading books and publications improves my know-how, so broaden my mind and capacity on how to perform some office works. The environmental problem is people’s problem. Solving them ensure safe living to people and all other living organisms.