About Us

About Us

Restoration Inspired Ecosystem

ambakofi is set to become the leading change agent towards the forests restoration in Tanzania. The organization working with the interested local people in the rural and urban areas to make our country’s green nature flourish once again. To make sure our destructed bionetwork start working on its natural way, this time we employ the agroforestry approach to revive our the poorly fragmented land.

Growing varieties of green vegetables, spices, nuts, legumes, fodder, bananas and fruits tree in between of natural and exotic hard and soft wood trees guarantee the security and sustainability of the newly established forests.

How ambakofi discover the land?

Motivated to conduct afforestation activities in Tanzania we reach all level of authorities for the introduction. From the District to the village level, we share our idea and desire to solve the deforestation problem in the area. When the village offer ambakofi a piece of land to conduct afforestation project we invite interested villagers to join hands conquering our common problem; deforestation. From there, any individual who joins us become our beneficiary, she or he owns the project and get involved in all the steps and decision making on the project execution. In our projects, all beneficiaries are equally treated. ambakofi wishes to establish an eco-friendly community employing agroforestry model which will be a source of livelihood and food security but indeed reviving our degraded land with the forests.

Afforestation efforts will get back up from the Trees Nursery initiative. We take trees nurseries as a base for the forests restoration in Tanzania. Running a trees nursery and seed bank will help us to have a tree species in our stock which could not be available in our fellow stakeholder’s sites.

Interesting, our attempts do not end in terrestrial forests only, we extend to restore and conserve the marine forests too. In this area, our approach is typically different. Villagers identify the affected area and direct we organise the planting day.

Now people volunteer to plant and we want to nurture the culture among the community. We also looking to establish village mangroves conservation groups. They will work to raise mangroves seedlings in the nurseries. They will also take care of the nursery and the planted seedlings. To motivate them, fish farming, beekeeping and mangroves tourism could be their serious livelihood activities.

For the sustainability of established forests and rejuvenated land, ambakofi go extra miles. Apart from afforestation, we cover in the Environmental education project. This is offered in the primary schools and around the community, we work to find the solution for the cost-effective clean energy for cooking and lastly; forests, then the community. We want to bond together our beneficiaries who by joining hands with ambakofi we feel owed to share the common goal. So beneficiaries network will tie us together to share and relish the rewards from the established forests invested from our love of nature and green environment.

ambakofi owe it to ourselves, the beneficiaries and to the next generation to restore back the lost forests and conserve the environment so that we can bestow our children a justifiable world that benefits all.

According to the Global forest watch; Tree cover loss in Tanzania from 2001 to 2017, the country lost 2.9Mha of tree cover, equivalent to an 8.3% decrease since 2000, and 162Mt of CO2 emissions. For more information about this data please visit this link; http://bit.ly/2S22r4v.

ambakofi has been registered by Business Registrations and Licencing Agency (BRELA) on the 1st of June 2018. Registered as a Company Limited with no share Capital (Not for profit making company) ambakofi get registration number 136719319.

The story behind the name ambakofi

ambakofi comes after the tribal name of the Pod Mahogany tree. In some area where Zigua and Sambaa tribes found the tree name is called mbambakofi or mlambakofi. Leaving the first two letters here the name ambakofi comes. Afzelia quanzensis is also known in Swahili language as Mkongo, Mkora, or Mkambakusi. The tree is among of the native hardwood tree with the potential value of offering expensive logs and timber for making furniture and for building. ambakofi is a symbol for those change makers getting to know that change is a process and need to be enduring. The tree takes 20 to 45+ years to be good for the harvest. The same if you want to make a positive difference and cause an impact. So, changes are not an overnight process. Its need time, energy, passion, ambition, self-motivation, and be innovative. Everyone at ambakofi is ready to withstand any setback to fulfil our mission.


Agroforestry approach offers a number of values to the environment, as well as retaining soil fertility, protecting moisture and groundwater, create safer natural habitat to other friendly living organisms and improving peoples livelihood.